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Randy Haveson is a professional speaker who specializes as a high school and college speaker on alcohol and other drug related issues. Randy is a keynote speaker who also addresses the issues of team building, leadership, and alcohol in the work place for associations, organizations, corporations, and small business owners.         Randy Haveson - Randy Speaks  - - Listening to People, Speaking to Possibilites.
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About Randy Haveson - Randy Speaks
Randy is a two time finalist for APCA Speaker of the Year. In 2001 he was named as one of the “Best of the Best” speakers in the 25 year history of the BACCHUS & GAMMA Peer Education Network and in 2002 was named as the Showcase Speaker of the Year by the Georgia chapter of the National Speakers Association.
Randy Haveson
Randy Haveson, M.A.

Speaker, trainer, consultant, and life coach.

We’ve all had moments where we felt stuck, unheard, overwhelmed, or numb. Since 1986 Randy has helped people overcome the challenges in their lives and move beyond them to greater success and greater feelings of achievement.

Randy specializes in helping people with:

  • Addiction issues
  • Secondary Recovery issues
  • Family of Origin issues
  • Self-Esteem
  • Career Decisions
  • Life Balance
  • How to Have Fun

Randy is taking on a limited number of clients to work with them on enhancing their life experience. Call or write today to see if Randy is a good fit for you.

Be Advised: This is not therapy, this is life coaching. Randy might suggest seeing a therapist as a part of his coaching, but Randy will not be performing any counseling or therapy as a part of his coaching practice.

What is coaching?
Coaching is different from therapy. Just like an athlete has a coach to help identify and strengthen areas of weakness and fortify and enhance areas of success, life coaching takes on the same philosophy. Randy will look at the areas of your life to determine what needs to be strengthened and what needs to be enhanced and accentuated.

About Randy
Randy Haveson, M.A. has been working in the counseling field since 1986.  Since 1991 Randy has worked in and around higher education.  He became the coordinator of health education programs on three university campuses around the country.  His programs have received national recognition for their innovation and effectiveness in reaching college students.

In 1999 Randy became a full time professional speaker & consultant.  He has spoken and consulted with students and professionals on dozens of campuses, including The University of Notre Dame, Brown University, and Johns Hopkins University.  His innovative alcohol education program has been featured on CNN Headline News, Fox News Network, The Ricki Lake show, and on numerous radio stations across the country.

In 2005 Randy took a break from speaking to open a recovery residence for college students. He sold that business in 2014 and is now dedicating his life to his true passion, helping college students and other young adults find their path in life and learn the skills necessary to be positive, productive, and fulfilled members of society.

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