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Randy Coaches

Randy is the person to talk to when you’re feeling stuck, want to move forward, but you’re unsure how or where to begin. Randy is the warmest, most accepting, most grounded coach you will ever meet. And he is ready to help you become your own best friend. You need someone who will finally listen? You need someone who gets how hard life can be, yet still sees your unique inner gifts? That’s Randy.

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Randy’s Experience:

Randy Haveson has his master’s degree in counseling psychology and worked in the counseling field for over 20 years. He has had a private practice, worked in a United Way agency, a psychiatric hospital, numerous substance abuse treatment centers, and in the counseling centers of three universities. At one university, he worked with 11 different athletic teams as the team counselor, helping student athletes with mental blocks, confidence issues, and other issues that inhibited their success.

When he transitioned to professional speaking, Randy never forgot his roots as a counselor. He would often meet with people after his presentations to give them advice or encouragement. He has received hundreds of emails and calls from audience members who sought his counsel after a presentation.

In 2019 Randy decided he wanted to work with people again on a more personal level. Even though he has his Master of Arts in counseling and decades of experience, Randy went back to class to become certified as a life coach. His practice is small, he only works with 10 people at a time so he can give each client the attention they deserve.

Randy’s specialties are: self-esteem and self-worth issues, anxiety, depression, secondary recovery issues, and life balance.


What is coaching?

All elite athletes have a coach. The role of the coach is to evaluate the athlete to find their abilities, strengths, and deficits. Then they work to hone their skills, build on their strengths, and improve their deficits. The same goes for a life coach. My role as a coach is to help you build on your strengths, and help you look at the obstacles that get in the way of your success. We will look at the qualities that need to be improved and create strategies, so they no longer hold you back. My main mission is to help my clients build their self-esteem and move away from the damaging effects of ego. I like to say that I will help fill your toolbox so that you have everything you need to overcome the obstacles that life throws at you.

What is the difference between a therapist and a coach?

I have been both and I prefer the role of a coach. A therapist looks deeply at your past and how your experiences shape who you are and how you react in the present. A therapist also helps work on mental health issues like depression or anxiety and can work in conjunction with a doctor if medications are needed. A coach helps you work on what is and what isn’t working in your present life and helps develop strategies, so the deficits don’t hinder your decisions in the future. A coach also helps identify your strengths so they can propel you to success in the future. Sure, coaches can help those with mental health issues, but sometimes a coaching client will be referred to a therapist if the mental health issues become an obstacle in the coaching process. A more simplified definition is that therapy focuses on past to present while coaching focuses on present to future.

Why 10 sessions?

My approach is that I am here to help build your “toolbox.” Once you have the tools and know how to use them, it is up to you to make the magic happen in your life. I am here to guide you, to teach you, and to mentor you. But the level of your success depends on the work you put into building yourself up. At some point the training wheels need to come off and the person needs to find their balance and ride on their own. While you can always schedule a check-in when needed, I believe the bulk of our work can be completed within 10 sessions.


I first met Randy when I was a college athlete.  He was asked by our coach to be our team’s counselor. Even though I had no idea sports counseling was a discipline, or even what it was, Randy demystified his role as we engaged in “normal” conversation. Talking with Randy has helped in many ways, not the least of which was helping me get “out of my head” when I would be overly critical of myself in sports competition.

Now, 25+ years later Randy is working his same magic with my high school athlete son. In a matter of moments of simply talking with Randy, I saw my son light up with a competitive edge I’ve been waiting to surface.  Randy has a way of getting you “in the zone” by just having a conversation and asking simple yet pointed questions.

I am excited to see the warrior come out in my son through his time with Randy, just as it did for me decades ago.

Among all the “tools” out there to help our young athletes perform at higher levels, the value of having a “Randy” in your corner is incalculable!

-Chris W.

Randy is an AMAZING coach!! He has a way of coaching that makes you think, dig deep and in the end, know that all will be ok.  You can be, do and have whatever you want.  You just have to decide what that is for you.  I often walked into my coaching session feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.  Randy’s positive attitude always gives me a re-boot.  Randy helps me put things back into perspective.  He reminds me that it starts with me and how important it is to take care of myself in mind, body and spirit.  He holds me accountable.  We celebrate my successes and reflect on the things and ways I can do things a little better, differently perhaps, to get the results that I am looking for.  Coaching with Randy has gotten me through some challenging life changes and challenges.  Wow!…  Looking back, what a difference coaching with Randy has made in my life!


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