EP: 1 – Why Is Self Esteem Important


“No One Can Take Away Your Self-Esteem Unless You Let Them.”
– Randy Haveson (14:57-15:01)


Many people struggle with building a strong foundation for real growth and happiness.

In this week’s episode, Randy Haveson gives us an engaging phenomenon of becoming your own best friend.


Part One of ‘Becoming Your Own Best Friend’

One of the most common misconceptions about life is that titles, wealth and material possessions translate to who we are which is a total opposite of reality. All of us had our fair share of early childhood experiences that immensely contributed to how we perceive ourselves. Many of us have all felt out of place at some point. Whether you’re someone who spends your daily life on the campus or in business settings, it’s possible for you to become a more fulfilled member of our society and build lasting self-esteem.


“Our true character becomes developed when we walk through the things in life that are difficult.”
– Randy Haveson (3:19-3:23)


No matter how low your life has gotten, you can still turn it around and it’s never too late. The trials you have experienced in the past are preparing you for a great destiny that’s waiting for you. If you choose to step outside of your comfort zone and constantly say yes to self-development, you can make it to wherever it is that you want to be. You are a work in progress and outcome of years of life-changing experiences with values and lessons that help you build your self-esteem. Life can be crappy sometimes but it’s about learning how to wade through that.


You may have experienced a lot of failures in your life, but it all boils down to remind yourself that those things don’t define you, instead, they should refine you. Our society continues to impose wrong ideas about what self-esteem is supposed to be. You could also meet a lot of people who live in mansions but completely miserable with the quality of their lives. On the other hand, there are those who live in tribal villages with dirt floors, no shoes and hardly acquired anything because they don’t let any material possessions define their contentment.


If ever you feel lost, remember that there’s a special place in this world where you perfectly fit in.


There are too many people out there who want to put on the show, convince you to spend billions of dollars on things that would only give you a temporary sense of satisfaction but then it leaves you wanting more. Sometimes we get to read books that just doesn’t resonate with us for some reason, like strangers who didn’t click on their first meet. If you treat yourself like your own best friend, you will feel better about who you are. You will raise your self-esteem; you will find that all your amazing gifts are going to start to come into your life and you will start discovering places where you’re meant to fit in. Lastly, you will be set free from the bounds of social norms.


Part Two of ‘Becoming Your Own Best Friend’

Self-esteem is on the inside. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself first thing in the morning, looking at yourself in the mirror. How do you feel about that person looking back at you? That is your level of self-esteem.


“Believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you makes anything unbelievably possible.”
– Randy Haveson (20:08-20:15)


So, it’s about finding things that harmonize with your frequency and find those books, speakers, movies, and anything that resonates with you. Focus on those who are eager to help you build your self-esteem. It’s the most important thing we have because it’s ours. You can’t give it to anyone, and you can’t take it away from anyone not unless you give someone the power to destroy it. The choice is yours to make.


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Hitting the stage internationally, Randy is a welcomed speaker that exudes raw energy fueled magnetic charisma and the relatability of a best friend. He helps audiences around the country and the world find their paths in life and learn the self-esteem building skills necessary to be positive, productive, and fulfilled members of society.

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