EP: 4 – Overcome Low Self-Esteem


“Sometimes You Have to Take Small Steps to Overcome Your Giants”
– Randy Haveson (03:15-03:21) 


Overcoming low self-esteem is a process. Many people are not nourishing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects altogether. Which, can lead to low self-esteem. This creates a negative impact on behavior and life choices. In this episode, Randy Haveson talks about how you can overcome low self-esteem.


Part One of ‘Overcome Low Self-Esteem’

Not everyone is born with high self-esteem. Try not to overcomplicate the process. We are all a work in progress. It is a journey of discovery about yourself. It takes a lot of evaluation before you figure out who you are and what you’re meant to deliver in this world.


“Find something that works for you because what works for you might not work for others.”
– Randy Haveson (05:32-05:38)


To improve self-esteem, take time for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. This will help you feel better about who you are. Also, pay attention to your energy level, the quality of your sleep and your food intake. To nourish your physical body, you may replace soda with water, switch from junk food to salad, and get involved in sports activities. This will decrease the risk of developing certain diseases. Make slow changes over time so that you will be able to have a healthier lifestyle later down the road.


Now to strengthen your mental aspect, it would take a lot of learning. You may consider reading and writing crossword puzzles and sudoku. Or reading books with incredible content that resonates to who you are and the things you love to do.


One of the most critical parts of strengthening your mental wellness is to actually give it a rest.


Many workaholics don’t take the time to breathe and take a break. Find ways that are going to stimulate your brain and not go brain dead. Take time for the small things in life. Explore galleries, watch movies, go on vacation and many more.


Part Two of ‘Overcome Low Self-Esteem’

The toughest one that you have to take time to nourish is your emotional self. If you don’t know how to handle your emotions the right way, it can cause you some damage. And part of raising self-esteem is to become more comfortable with your feelings. So, that you are able to express them in a healthy way. It is like learning to ride a bike for the first time. Take it slow, consider writing in a journal and try to find someone you can talk to. Find a coach, a therapist or a friend that you can trust and talk to about your feelings.


“Find a safe place where you can start to identify and feel your feelings and do it slowly.”
– Randy Haveson. (17:42-17:48)


Until you know your hurt and your sadness, you’re not going to know your joy and your happiness. So, feelings are like a rainbow. You don’t ever see half the colors of a rainbow. You either see the whole thing or you see nothing. Feelings make us feel raw and vulnerable. You’re going to feel better about yourself when you have a handle on your emotional side.


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