EP: 5 – Strategies for Boosting Self-Esteem


“Explosive Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight.”
– Gary (18:54-19:02)


 Today, Randy Haveson invited his friend Gary Tuerack over for an interview. He is the founder of the National Society Of Leadership And Success. They’ve known each other for twenty years and have lot of similarities. In this episode, they share their life stories about where they came from and where they are today. Stay tuned as they discuss their strategies for boosting self-esteem.


Part One of ‘Strategies for Boosting Self-Esteem’


Several years ago, Gary went to Randy to share an amazing idea. He wanted to handle an organization that focuses on leadership for college students. When he laid out the framework, Randy got impressed. There were a couple of people who didn’t believe in his vision. But it didn’t stop him to follow his dreams and today he has touched over a million lives.


“Words of affirmation have the incredible power to change your whole life.”
– Gary (05:30-06:11)


This is one of the many struggles a lot of people are facing today. We all have those times where we gathered ourselves and doubted what our worth was. So many people try to fit into the norms of this society because they don’t feel good about who they are. The good thing about struggling is that it takes you to a place where you realize you have to have to step up. It pushes you to go out of your comfort zone.


When Gary was in middle school, he got bullied by someone who happens to be bigger than him. He attended a jujitsu class to build his confidence and self-esteem in case the kid attacks him. One thing he loved about it is that he learned lessons about life other than jujitsu. There was this one simple but powerful exercise that changed his entire life and the way he sees himself.


If you want to feel different about yourself, you need to change your choice of words. You need to come up with words that will build up your self-confidence.


That’s right! If you want others to believe in you, you should be the first person to believe in yourself. Gary practiced this habit of looking at yourself in the mirror on a daily basis. Then he comes up with words of affirmation that he could tell himself over and over. At first, it feels awkward and you feel like nothing is happening. The reason behind it is you don’t believe in yourself but that’s okay. Keep doing it many times as much as possible.


Part Two of ‘Strategies for Boosting Self-Esteem’


Whatever words you come up with, keep telling that to yourself. It’s like you’re trying to convince yourself even if you don’t believe it. We are all a work in progress so even if it takes years, that’s alright. You will notice some significant transition as you keep on doing this. Once you have learned this habit, it will help build your self-esteem big time.


“Success isn’t just about the revenue, it’s about the lasting positive change you make in this world.”
– Gary (13:39-13:46)


There was a time when Gary was growing his business, he was losing sight of why he wanted to do what he’s doing now. He went back to his habit of saying words of affirmation. That was the game changer for him because that’s been part of a recipe for his success.


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