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It’s a dangerous misconception that the customer is the most important aspect of your business. What is far more crucial to your organization’s ongoing success are your people.

For many companies, employees are struggling. Disengagement is high; retention is low. Turnover is a problem.

It’s time to do something.

It’s time to offer your employees the gift of personal development—but not just any personal development. The kind that lasts, the kind that shifts the story from the foundation up. It is time to build up the very core of who your people are as individuals—so they can tap into their greatest gifts.

Meet Randy Haveson

Randy is a coach, author, and speaker who gets what works when it comes to creating more effective and more engaged teams. By starting with the fundamentals of who we are as human beings—and where things went wrong long ago in our life’s journey, Randy is able to unlock a wellspring of self-esteem and potential.

Business Speaking Services


I want to thank you for being a part of our annual staff training. Your enthusiasm was contagious. The program was enjoyable, and more importantly, productive. While it is hard to measure the results of such a presentation, I must say that employees have been much friendlier and respectful of each other. All the feedback we’ve received has been very positive.

Suzanne Tuvell
Carmichael, Brasher, Tuvell, & Company

I wanted to thank you for speaking to my staff recently. At our Team meeting, the highlight was definitely your speech. I can honestly say that everyone there enjoyed listening to you. In fact, they all felt that it was the best meeting we have had all year. After the meeting, my staff walked away with new attitudes toward their lives and their jobs. They seemed to have a better feeling about being a part of our team, which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish.

Kathy Wente
Retail Manager, Philips Arena


Becoming Your Own Best Friend

This is a recipe for success at work, at home, and for life in general. Following these guidelines, you will achieve healthier relationships, less stress, more productivity, less self-criticism, and an overall happier life. Randy understands that 90% of the obstacles we have in our lives come from within. In his years as a therapist, he discovered a method of teaching people how to overcome the barriers that get in the way of success. This program outlines a practical method to discard self-criticism and begin to accomplish your goals in an easier and more confident manner.

Addressing Alcohol And Other Drug Issues In The Workplace

This is the elephant in the board room. According to a CDC report, American businesses lose over $134 billion per year because of lost productivity due to alcohol and other drugs. Over 15% of American workers say that they were impaired in their work because of alcohol at least once in the past year.

Knowing how and when to say something is difficult. This training is meant to address that issue. We will discuss what it means to have an alcohol problem. We will define “social drinking” and show how this phrase is abused. Tips and skills for talking to someone with a potential problem will be addressed. Managers and fellow employees will have the tools they need to deal with this devastating social problem.

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