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Speaking Services – College

Randy Haveson has been working in and around higher education since 1990. He was an administrator on four campuses and has consulted with dozens more. He brings a powerful blend of professional and personal experience to his presentations. So much so that students actually put their phones down during his presentations.

The energetic way you present your story captures the audience and keeps them engaged the entire time, which isn’t necessarily true of other drug and alcohol education programs. I think our students also appreciated the fact that you did not lecture them or tell them not to drink, but you encouraged them to “party with a plan.” I would recommend your program to any student group at any university.

Brandi Rideout
Director of Student- Athlete Services
University of Maine


Party With A Plan®

This harm reduction program gives students the tools they need to make low risk choices with alcohol. Randy created the Party with a Plan® program to give students concrete and simple guidelines to follow that will help them be safer to themselves and those around them when they consume alcohol.

The Ego Cleanse: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

This is the formula for better grades, healthier relationships, less stress, less self-criticism, and an overall happier life. Randy understands that 90% of the obstacles we have in our lives come from within. In his years as a therapist, he discovered a method of teaching people how to overcome the barriers that get in the way of success. This program outlines a practical method to discard self-criticism and begin to accomplish your goals in an easier and more confident manner.

Let’s Be Blunt! An Open Conversation About Marijuana

There are so many myths and misconceptions regarding marijuana. This program brings to light the good, the bad, and the ugly of cannabis. We will discuss medical use, legalization issues, short and long-term side effects, edibles vs. smoking and current research.

This program can be tailored to students or as an in-service for professional staff.

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