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Randy Haveson is a professional speaker who specializes as a high school and college speaker on alcohol and other drug related issues. Randy is a keynote speaker who also addresses the issues of team building, leadership, and alcohol in the work place for associations, organizations, corporations, and small business owners.         Randy Haveson - Randy Speaks  - - Listening to People, Speaking to Possibilites.
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Satisfied Clients

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College & University Clients

"I recommend Randy Haveson to anyone interested in providing programming on alcohol and drug use and abuse that is dynamic, colorful, insightful, educational, and most importantly, impactful. Rarely does one find a speaker who is able to evoke such a wide variety of emotions within his or her audience, but Randy was able to do so because of his dynamic, 'no holds barred' style. While he did a wonderful job of validating and empathizing with the experience of the collegiate student-athlete, Randy's underlying message and inspirational story is relatable and pertinent to students of all ages and walks of life."
Patrick Bloom, CHAMPS/Life Skills Graduate Assistant
Miami University of Ohio

"It was a pleasure working with you and, more importantly, I feel the students and staff who attended your presentation gained a great deal from your words and insights. Sharing the details of your personal experience helped students see you as a real person dealing with a real problem, not just another talking head saying "just say no." I love that you don't pull any punches. You share your story in an honest, forthright manner, and with a great sense of humor that helps make the topic more approachable and the audience more receptive. I look forward to your return to Wesleyan in the future. "
Lisa Currie, Director of Health Education
Wesleyan University

"You were a pleasure to work with, making yourself accessible throughout the planning of this event from your assistance generating a useful evaluation tool, to your willingness to shift gears on the event date, to the presentation itself. Your warm demeanor made it safe for students to connect with you. Your approachable style attracted the attention of your audience. I especially appreciated the time you gave sharing lunch with a small group of students which allowed you to tailor your presentation to our college community."
Donna Monk, Health Services Coordinator
Penn State University, Abington

"Your warm and engaging personality, personal insight and high-energy presentation style combined to create a program which was well received by the students in attendance. Your willingness to share your personal struggles with addiction empowered many present to share their own experiences as well as take action in their own lives. Additionally, the time you spent with the Peer Educators was invaluable. They truly enjoyed spending time with you and feel fortunate to have you as an advocate."
Kimberley Timpf, Assistant Dean
Boston College

"The students were enthralled with your story and it's impressive delivery! Your personal history intertwined with prevention tips, presented in an entertaining manner were the perfect ingredients for this type of program. We really appreciate how you "tailored" the program for UM students from information you gleaned from them in such a short time! I hope that we can make your visit an annual tradition."
Jody Gan, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Program Coordinator
University of Maryland

"The students were engrossed be the way you presented your personal story...Your entertaining way of telling your story along with discussing some prevention methods helped the students understand how drugs and alcohol can affect their lives. I was pleased by the way you tailored the program to the Greek Community to help them understand how these substances affect them both individually and as an organization."
Natalie Maio, Assistant Director for Fraternities & Sororities
St. John's University

"I got feedback from both student athletes and coaches who said that this was the best alcohol education program that they have ever attended. Randy really connects with the students in a way that is entertaining and interesting, while also offering sound and realistic advice for a college-age audience."
Myra Sims, Women's Basketball Coach
Emory University

"The way in which you deliver your message about alcohol awareness is
both powerful and educational. The students were gripped by your down to Earth approach... Your name and the topic of your presentation was the "buzz" on campus for days following your visit. Your excellent presentation helped break the barriers to alcohol and other drug abuse education on our campus, thank you!"
Whitney Stroop, Director of the Kline Campus Center
Bridgewater College

"It is obvious through our evaluations that the students walked away gaining something from your presentation. It takes a special person to reach such a diverse population. We also appreciated the extra time you spent with us discussing various health education issues concerning our campus. You definitely took the extra step to make your visit worthwhile."
Jan Daly, Director of Health Education
Florida State University

"Whereas many alcohol programs are ineffective because of their authoritative and scolding approach to the topic, your presentation was very heartfelt and genuine. I especially appreciated you taking the time to meet with several of our students prior to the presentation and learning about our campus and some of our unique needs. That you were able to successfully modify your talk greatly added to the program's impact."
Michael Covert, Associate Dean of Students
Transylvania University

"Randy does not lecture students. Instead, he shares an engaging testimonial on his struggle with and triumph over his own addiction; a story that seems to profoundly resonate with our student body long after they hear Randy speak. On my promotional material for orientation I bill Randy as "Not Your Typical Alcohol Speaker" and indeed he's not, he's much better! I highly recommend him for any campus program."
Randa Downs, Director of Student Activities
Spartanburg Methodist College

"Thank you for your powerful presentation! Your Self-esteem program brought us on a journey that was funny, sad, thought provoking, and altogether educational. We are eagerly anticipating your return during our Fall Orientation."
Kelly Moselle, Assistant Dean
Ringling School of Art & Design


High School Clients

"The students and the parents really adore Randy. They came on their own to speak to him during lunch and in between classes. We've had several speakers talk to our students about drugs and Randy is the only speaker that the kids have begged to have again! He gets the message across like no one else ever has."
Linda Altman, Counselor
Galloway School

"Randy Haveson has fulfilled a crucial role in our drug education
program. He has captured the attention of our students while imparting
valuable life lessons. By recounting his own struggle with humor and
heart felt sincerity, Randy connects with students in grades nine
through twelve to convince them of the destructive power of alcohol and
other drugs and to offer hope to those who may already be dealing with
issues of drug abuse. His work with our peer mentor group has empowered them to continue giving a "no use" message to our middle school students."
Judy Reynolds, Counselor
Chadwick School

"Randy very quickly had 800 teens interested and engaged in his message. I was surprised to look down at my watch after nearly an hour and wondering where the time went. He had that audience in the palm of his hand for an hour! Not an easy feat for a speaker addressing sleepy teens early in the morning."
Joe Hunnings, Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development
Virginia Tech


Business Clients
"The highlight of our meeting was definitely your speech. I can honestly say that everyone there enjoyed listening to you. They all really felt that it was the best meeting we have had this year. My staff seemed to walk away with new attitudes toward their lives and their jobs. The seem to have a better feeling of being a part of our team, and that is exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Thank you again so much for taking the time to talk with us. I would love to see about having you come in again."
Kathy Wente, Retail Manager
Philips Arena

"Thank you again for your speech to the group of sales executives. Your unique approach to team building inspired the entire audience and was most appreciated. We hope to have you speak to other groups within our organization."
Thomas Harrison, Vice President
Wells Capital Management

"Your enthusiasm was contagious. The team building activities were
enjoyable, and more importantly, productive. While it is hard to measure
the result of such a presentation, I must say that employees have been
much friendlier and respectful of each other's space and time. All the
feedback we received from attendees was very positive."
Suzanne Tuvell, CPA
Carmichael, Brasher, Tuvell, and Company


Association, Organization, & Conference Clients
"I really appreciate you attending so many other events in addition to
presenting your two sessions. This increased level of participation
definitely enabled both you and the college winners to maximize the
benefits of your programs. Many positive responses have been received
about both programs... Even more importantly, our GOAL students
experienced increased confidence and comfort throughout the week."
Beth Neal
State GOAL Director

"Randy's presentation turned out to be one of the highest rated functions that we had all week. In addition, besides being a great speaker with a wonderfully motivating message, Randy is so easy to work with. Making the speaking arrangements was a painless process. I also appreciated the initiative that he took to get to know the Congress delegates and adults on the night before his presentation. I know Randy's most common audience is college-age young people, however, I can personally recommend him for high school audiences without reservations. His message was age-appropriate, personal, motivational, and challenging. We would highly recommend him to others."
Joe Hunnings, Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development
Virginia Tech


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