EP: 13 – How Self-Esteem Will Help You During the Pandemic


“When you have solid self-esteem, you still feel good about yourself even when the whole world seems to be chaotic.”
Randy Haveson (00:48-00:56)


Lately, we’re seeing some horrible things happening. We’re getting a lot of information, and we’re not sure how to process it. This is where self-esteem steps in. In this week’s episode, Randy Haveson talks about how self-esteem will help you during the pandemic.


Part One of ‘How Self-Esteem Will Help You During the Pandemic’

When you have solid self-esteem, you always feel good about who you are and where you fit in. Even when the whole world seems to be chaotic. Just like a house with a stable foundation, it can’t be influenced or taken away by exterior factors.


“Having high self-esteem is like a solid house that can’t be influenced or taken away by exterior factors.”
– Randy Haveson (01:14-01:23)


Self-esteem isn’t perfect. It’s a work in progress. But we’re just looking to get better one day at a time. To feel better about who we are and where we fit in the world. That’s the whole goal. It’s not about being perfect because perfection is an ego thing.


Part Two of ‘How Self-Esteem Will Help You During the Pandemic’

There are many things you can do to take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. Be consistent with your daily workout, consuming healthy food, going for a walk, watching a great movie or writing a journal.

There are a lot of ways to raise self-esteem and feel better about who you are. The harder you work at something, the more you gain. The better you feel inside, the more confidence you have to do more.


“There’s no such thing as perfect self-esteem.”
– Randy Haveson (08:29-08:31)


Take care of yourself. Even though we’re not doing things outside right now, and we’re not going to a lot of different places, there are things that you can do by taking care of the inside.
Great things will happen for you if you get out of your way and learn how to become your own best friend.


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