EP: 12 – How Self-Esteem is Developed


“It takes time to build your self-esteem.”
Randy Haveson (00:22-00:25)


 What can you do to develop and build your self-esteem? Many people are under the misconception that it just happens without any efforts. That’s not how it works. Building self-esteem takes time. It takes a lot of work and patience for you to recognize your self-worth. In this week’s episode, Randy Haveson shares his insightful perspective of how you can develop your self-esteem.


Part One of ‘How Self-Esteem is Developed’


There are many successful people today who had to put a lot of work into developing skills as beginners. Every before they got known for their craft. As you go through the development process, you have to treat yourself kindly.

If you compare yourself to someone else and think that you’re better than them, then that’s your ego taking over. One of the key ingredients to developing self-esteem is to only compare yourself with yourself.


“It’s devastating to compare yourself to others.” – Randy Haveson (04:10-04:16)


Once you’re on the path of building your self-esteem, you will encounter negative feelings such as fear, sadness, and doubts. Challenge yourself to do something today that’s different than what you did yesterday. Something you can be proud of. It’s not about making huge leaps. It’s about taking small steps, little victories along the way.

Developing self-esteem requires a support system because it’s challenging to do it alone. You want to find a community of people who are going to support you. And sometimes, what works for you might not work for others.


Part Two of ‘How Self-Esteem is Developed’


There are so many ways to develop self-esteem. All four parts of self, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, all four are just as important. Look for little ways to be of service in your community and to your friends.


“Self-esteem is about acknowledging the things that aren’t perfect about us.” – Randy Haveson (14:25-14:29)


Self-esteem is about acknowledging the things that aren’t perfect about us, the things that other people might see as weaknesses. For us, it’s just a part of who we are. Learning how to manage and deal with your feelings is important too. Look at yourself in the mirror. How do you feel about that person looking back? And the goal is no matter what that is today, a year from now, are you feeling better about who you are?



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