EP: 15 – The Power of Self-Esteem During COVID-19


“Take care of yourself first.” – Randy Haveson (02:37-02:43)


Even though we’re very unsure about what the future holds, what can you do today to take care of yourself, to take care of your family, the people that you’re around, be creative, do some things to show gratitude and humility because right now these are humbling times. In this week’s episode, let’s talk about why self-esteem is essential from the perspective of what we’re all dealing with right now.


Part One of ‘The Power of Self-Esteem During COVID-19’


A lot of people right now are terrified, and they’re not sure what to do. What it boils down to is that it all stems from uncertainty. We don’t know how long this is going to last. We don’t know what’s going on with the virus and how people contracted and what we can do to protect ourselves. So, let’s do the best we can with social distancing, and all the other things that we hear are good for us to do. That way, we can protect ourselves and our families.


“These major shifts create a new normal for us.”
– Randy Haveson (06:41-06:44)


Self-esteem is important because it helps us become more solid about who we are, regardless of our circumstances. This pandemic is different from anything we’ve ever dealt with before, but we have been through difficult times before. So, people are covered with fears and insecurities, thinking the same things are going to happen again as it did with 9/11. Some people try to consider if the terrorists are going to target another city.


But there are still positive things happening in the middle of all this chaos. Neighbors that don’t often speak with each other are doing differently now. More people are getting courteous and respectful of each other. Perhaps when we’re finally at a place where we can congregate again, I think there’s going to be a new level of caring and mutual respect. You may think it sounds overly optimistic, but this is an opportunity once the danger has passed that we’re going to come back together even more robust than we were before, just like in 9/11.


Part Two of ‘The Power of Self-Esteem During COVID-19’


We’re living in an uncertain time. Most of us want things to get back to how they used to be so we can all go back to our regular routines. But have you ever thought about this, how many things in our lives did we take for granted? Things like going to the grocery store, theatre, concert, school, workplace, or farmer’s market without having to worry about any pandemic. We took these things for granted.


So now, more than ever in these times, when we do have extra time on our hands, now’s the time to really look at the four parts of self and what you can do to exercise and nourish those four parts to be healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And again, no matter where you are on that continuum between ego and self-esteem, we can all go a little bit more towards the self-esteem side.


“These times are hard, but they will pass.”
– Randy Haveson (07:11-07:14)


How many people out there right now want to go back to work? But part of this is having faith that once this is all over, all of these significant shifts create a new normal for us, and then we can choose to adjust to it, or we can fight it. But fighting it burns energy. If you go with it and just let it happen and see where things are going to land now, you tend to be a lot happier. So, when the dust settles, and we get to go back to whatever our new normal is, look for the things that you can be grateful for. And no matter how difficult things are now, know that it will pass.


It’s essential to stay focused on what you can do rather than all the things that you’re not able to do right now. So, look for the things that you used to take for granted. Maybe make a list of all the things you’re looking forward to doing once you get out of the isolation and off of the social distancing. Our country has gone through rough times before. Hopefully, this is going to be another awakening for us, that after this, we’re going to come out of it and realize that there are some things that need to be fixed and changed and worked on.


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